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Horrormance: "Baptism by Firewater"

Black′n′Roll and black-thrash are genre terms that can be used to mean pretty much anything nowadays, good and bad. What they mean here is a retro party jukebox containing pretty much everything that was awesome about 80s metal. 
This is no hommage to Celtic Frost, Tankard, Cirith Ungol, Accept, Venom or Motörhead... This is an allstar-tribute band having a relentless orgy within a single song. And somehow they still manage to channel the whole clusterfuck into thoroughly addictive and surprisingly coherent songs – whose main emphasis on "fun" or "evil" depends wholly on whether Horrormance currently happen to be in the middle of bona fide proto black metal worship, or fully skidding off manilla road into the heavy-speed gravel lane. Either way, the focus is on point and the music as consistent and real as is usually only reserved for the holy Darkthrone of modern times. 
TL;DR: If you like the mentioned classics, pull the stick out of your ass and enjoy a record that is nothing but pure metal love from start to finish, with maximum attention to reference detail.
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