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Zwiespalt: "Ambivalenz"

"Seven short tales about the blessings and curses of interaction, isolation and iteration."
This is for the people who miss the 90s. And the people who missed the 90s. And the people with any taste in black metal whatsoever. This is as pure and raw as it gets while focusing on the melancholy essence of true black metal harmonics instead of modern bullshit warmetal noise garbage. This is as simple and primitive and one-dimensional as it is perfect. If the guitars on "Transilvanian Hunger" or "Suomi Finland Perkele" give you a raging boner to this day, this album is for you. In short: Judas Iscariot in awesome.
Limited to 100 pieces. Professionally pressed and black/white printed cd in cardboard pocket, comes with extra lyricsheet inlay.
7.00 EUR
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