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Wigrid: "Entfremdungsmoment"

In time for Wigrid′s 20-year anniversary, there is an all-new album by the Depressive-Black-Metal legend; the first since 2005! "Entfremdungsmoment" picks up right where "Die Asche eines Lebens" left off while still integrating all Wigrid trademarks since the first demos. At the same time there is undeniable progress in terms of matured songwriting and arrangements, and, for the first time ever, this album features an entirely independent production process, including analog drums and a radically improved sound mix by Ulfhednir himself.
"Entfremdungsmoment" will be officially released on September 11th 2019, here in its CD edition as a 2-panel Digipak with an 8-page booklet.
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