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Wigrid / Sunshine & Lollipops: "Split the Indifference (Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit)"

"Split the Indifference (Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit)" is a split album by the bands Wigrid and Sunshine & Lollipops, each contributing two new and unreleased works. Wigrid's share consists of one ambient-like sound collage track, while the other with a running time of more than 10 minutes is a refined continuation of the suicidal/depressive BM style from earlier works.
S&L represents a more old-school interpretation of BM, with musical roots situated somewhere between Venom and the early Norwegians. Regarding the lyrical concept, S&L is concerned mainly with Schopenhauerian nihilism and revolt as interpreted by Camus – without taking themselves too seriously. Hence the stilistic self-characterization as Absurdist Anarcho-Blackmetal. As a bonus to the two exclusive new tracks, there's also two remastered songs from S&L's 2012 debut 7“ EP.
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