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Eternal Dirge: "Morbus Ascendit / Demos 1989-1990"


2018 reissue of the first album as well as the two previous demos of the German Ruhrpott area thrash band ETERNAL DIRGE, one of the internationally most innovative bands of early 90s underground metal, which disbanded in 1996. Sadly, this also became sort of a memorial release for the band mastermind Timo Knopf who suddenly and tragically passed away this same year. R.I.P.!
Double-CD including the early hardcore-inspired and sociocritical ′89 demo "Right To The Core", the distinctly matured 1990 demo "We Are The Dead" already pioneering technical death metal, and of course the defining avantgardistic Lovecraftian debut album "Morbus Ascendit", one of the most timeless and progressive works in extreme metal and a milestone of German metal history to this day.
15.00 EUR
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