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Grafjammer: "Schalm & Schabauw"

Brand-new 2018 album by these Dutch underground up-and-comers. And there′s been some definite evolution since their already very cool 2015 EP: these songs are a good notch heavier, colder and angrier than the short black′n′roll pieces on "Koud Gemaakt". A little more black metal, a little less punk, and finally with an appropriate production.  
Besides traditional and absolutely authentic blasting, Grafjammer′s strength mostly lies in the pacing, groovy Parts that you don′t hear so often. On the whole definitely Norwegian-rooted and an unconditional recommendation for fans of Khold, Carpathian Forest, millenial Darkthrone. And people who happen to like Koldbrann′s "Vertigo" album mustn′t think twice about getting this.
Digipak with 8-page booklet.
9.00 EUR
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