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Winterblut: "Seid furchtbar und zerstöret Euch!"

The first new album in 8 years by German underground institution Winterblut. The solo project by L′Hiver became an instant cult band with 1996′s "Asche Gottes", arguably the best German black metal demo of the entire 90s, and Winterblut has thrived for authenticity and originality ever since. The traditional and highly melodic style until the first album was soon countered with a dissonant antithesis rejecting any and all commercial popularity. Consequentially, "Seid furchtbar und zerstöret Euch!" is not a good fit for naive US-/post BM fans and continues the chosen path in a new radicalism. This is pure raw hypnotic evil with no regard for pre-conceived notions of "songs", "black metal" or "production". True underground.
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