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Cruda Sorte: "Ewigkeiten im Schimmel"

After several line-up changes finally the third album by CRUDA SORTE from Berlin, Germany. Stylistically, all generic genre inhibitions were cast aside by now, to create an original, diversified yet traditionalist work, which at the same time represents black metal in its primordial facets, as well as transcending it with alien musical counterpoints influences – as most blatantly showcased on the track "Spinnentanz und Giftbefall" for instance. Generally, "Ewigkeiten im Schimmel" lives off a mostly down-to-earth foundation of raw and atmospheric black metal, which is wrapped by Memnoch′s lead guitar and capped off by the whole range of extreme vocals of the three contributing singers.
Even though the album, for the first time in CRUDA SORTE history, doesn′t follow a typical concept, the songs are still lyrically connected. Death, ruin, and the inherent finiteness form the major themes. In this context, the eponymous "Schimmel" ("mold") is treated as a symbol for something "new", something "creational", which enters life as something collapses and disintegrates, while examining different forms and conceptions of eternity – without stooping to played out "circle of life" hippie platitudes.
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