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Animo Aeger

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Founded in 2003, ANIMO AEGER recorded countless demos before finally starting to work on the debut "Impuls" in early 2007, which was released in 2009. After several line-up changes, the two founding members M. Greis and T. Gråsjäl decided to remain a two-piece band and to focus entirely on recordings. Shortly after the recordings for "Impuls" were finalized, the duo set about writing new material, which culminated in the recording of the EP "Fieber" in summer 2009 - an EP that received considerable attention since it once more highlighted the unconventional style the band had developed over the years.
In late 2009, just a few weeks before T. Gråsjäl set sails to move to Sweden, the recordings for the new Album "Storchenwahrheit, -wirklichkeit" were finished, but due to various reasons it took several years until the material was released through the Berlin-based tape label Eternal Rabies Kult in late 2014. In the meantime, the band didn′t get to rehearse as often as they used to, but nevertheless they managed to record three EPs between 2011 and 2013, which for the most part were of a rather experimental nature.
Finally, in 2015 ANIMO AEGER got together again and after a few weeks new material took form, which, under the title of "KotzeAdel", is released via Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions on December 12th 2016.


2009: "Wolfsvisionen" - Demo
2009: "Impuls" - Album
2012: "Fieber" - EP
2014: "Storchenwahrheit,-wirklichkeit" - Album
2016: "KotzeAdel" - CD Album - ORDER
2017: "Ab-Fakt" - Tape EP - ORDER




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