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31 Aug 2014


This is the first draft in developing the official home of Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions. In short, we′re a recently-found independent record label based in Berlin, Germany, in addition to an affiliated music distro. Our main objective entails focusing not so much on genre limitations, but rather originality, attitude, authenticity, or simply intuitive personal preference - while the emphasis will no doubt stay on loud and obnoxious underground music, where we′re not shying away from extremes either!
Here you′ll soon find information about the different bands on our roster, all official BHN releases, as well as an assortment of unrelated recordings in our distribution which we, of course, heartily recommend. There will also be a webshop where you′ll be able to purchase all the aforementioned music, plus related band merchandise items such as t-shirts, patches, buttons etc. Unfortunately, until we′ll have a proper online billing solution in place, orders can only be processed through our contact form against prepayment using Paypal or via direct bank transfer.
Please understand these pages are still largely under construction at this point, so apologies in advance if you′re running into some technical issues or can′t locate certain content from time to time. We′re doing our damndest to present a somewhat complete and functional website as soon as possible. Updates will be shared right here as they emerge.
For the time being, you can as well refer to our official Facebook account and check for news there.
All of our releases are also available on, shipping anywhere within the EU!
6 Oct 2014

New items in stock

There′s several new records available in our distribution:
  • What We Feel: "Naschi 14 Slov" (LP)
  • What We Feel: "Together" (LP)
  • What We Feel: "To Continue or Give Up?" (7")
  • Die Halbzeit: "Aus dem Leben der Hirnkranken" (CD)
  • The Inner Abyss: "The Inner Abyss" (CD + Button)
  • The Inner Abyss: "Outer Space" (CD)
  • Thrash ′Em Down: "Demo" (CD + Patch)
16 Oct 2014

New in stock

  • Sunshine & Lollipops - T-Shirts and Tank Tops:
  • Satan′s Propaganda: "Rock for Satan" CDs
16 Nov 2014

Siniestro video

Siniestro just shot a first video for the song "Oppression of the Sunlight"! Check it out in their "Media" section...
26 Nov 2014

New in stock

* Der Feind: "DFMC" - Tape: