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4 Oct 2019

Latest releases on BHN

18 Sep 2019

NORKH is coming!

24 Aug 2019


Preorder starts now!

The grand return of Wigrid is scheduled for September 11th!
"Entfremdungsmoment" can now be pre-ordered on CD and MC. For direct links, go to the Wigrid roster page.
9 Aug 2019

BHN023 out now! - NORKH MC rerelease

Before the first full-length album comes out on CD and Vinyl, we also printed one official limited run of the debut demo for collectors. Order it here while it lasts!
8 Aug 2019


Now available for pre-order!

The official debut EP by Arcane Frost, "Dragged Into the Void" will be out on September 6!
To pre-order "Dragged Into the Void" on CD or MC, go to the Arcane Frost roster pages
26 Jul 2019


NORKH signs with BHN

This summer will see a lot of action under the BHN banner. First off, meet one of our new signings: NORKH from Berlin-Marzahn - a place as dirty and mean as only their music!
Further info on the band as always in our roster pages.
1 Nov 2018

Children of a Nuclear Dawn - released on 11/19/2018!

9 Sep 2018


Fallen Tyrant signs with BHN

We′re excited to present to you our newest contract slaves, Fallen Tyrant from Darmstadt, Germany! These fuckers play raw, fast, yet melodic black metal - so far so boring - but since you′re here at BHN you should have learned by now that they come with a certain twist that sets them apart from the crowd, and most importantly, that they′re awesome.
And in even better news, their first album for us is as good as done and already in the press, so expect release date news very soon!
Fallen Tyrant
Further info on the band here in our roster pages under "Fallen Tyrant".
6 Aug 2018


HERMANN - "disart brut: mausoleum"

Today is the release of the second Hermann album "disart brut: mausoleum". Order the limited gatefold vinyl here!  
5 Jul 2018

New Hermann album

"Disart Brut: Mausoleum" coming soon!

After we already did a tape edition of HERMANN′s debut "Prinzhorn Kolloquium", we will now also exclusively release their second full album on BHN. Offical date of release is August 6th, pre-order opportunities will be announced soon too.  
16 May 2018

BHN015 Pre-order

"Entsage Gott" is available for pre-orders now

Our second release in 2018, the new 7" by Pestlegion, can already be ordered at our shop and will be shipped just in time for its official release on June 11 2018.
7 May 2018

Coming soon: BHN015!

Pestlegion: "Entsage Gott"

"Entsage Gott"
Our second release in 2018 is about ready to be unleashed: the 7" EP "Entsage Gott" (BHN015) by the "German black metal kommando" Pestlegion will be officially made available on June 11.
More info at our roster page under "Pestlegion".
6 Mar 2018


Cruda Sorte: "Ewigkeiten im Schimmel" packages

Only for a short time as a special limited package deal, as long as they last: "Ewigkeiten im Schimmel" CD/MC + shirt + unregistered shipping inside Germany for only 20€/18€!
More info at our shop under "Special Offers".
3 Feb 2018


Cruda Sorte: "Ewigkeiten im Schimmel"

Our next production is ready: "Ewigkeiten im Schimmel" (BHN014) by the long-standing Berlin underground black metal project Cruda Sorte (feat. members from Animo Aeger) is officially out on CD on February 26!
More info on the roster page under "Cruda Sorte".
17 Jan 2018


Sunshine & Lollipops: "G.O.A.T."

Now available at our Webshop.
7 Jan 2018

BHN Booking presents:


On January 12/13 you′ll have the double chance to witness Sunshine & Lollipops live together with Arcane Frost and Norkh when they′ll hit Wolfsburg and Berlin. In time for the new year S&L presents a new set list for the next album, which apparently is getting close to recording stages!
Current info always on Facebook:  
Wolfsburg - Ost 
Berlin - Trickster
29 Sep 2017


Presale starts now!

There will also be printed hard tickets for December 8, which you can buy starting today. Cortina Bob is a relatively small club with a maximum capacity of 200 people, so don′t waste time securing your spot!
Tickets can be picked up in Berlin at Koka36 in Kreuzberg, or ordered directly through our mailorder.
Get up-to-date information also on Facebook.
18 Sep 2017

BHN Booking presents:


We′re putting on our first BHN live event in Berlin in December with the bands FÄULNIS, SUNSHINE & LOLLIPOPS and CRUDA SORTE. More info on presale etc. coming soon!
Further news also on Facebook: Official Facebook event
7 Jul 2017

Out now: BHN013!

Fvneral Fvkk: "Lecherous Liturgies"

Fvneral Fvkk: "Lecherous Liturgies"
Today is the day: "Lecherous Liturgies" (BHN013) by the Hamburg doom project Fvneral Fvkk (feat. members of Fäulnis and Ophis) is officially released and available on 7" vinyl here at our webshop, or alternatively through
Video teaser and further info here at our roster under "Fvneral Fvkk > Media".
6 Jul 2017


Animo Aeger: "Ab-Fakt"

Animo Aeger deliver again, barely 6 months after their last album:
"Ab-Fakt" is the title of this new 2017 tape EP with 3 magnificent pieces by the Sweden/Berlin bizarro black metal duo, which are in no way inferior to the musical and lyrical commotions presented on "KotzeAdel".
Available now at our Webshop.
6 Jun 2017

Preorder: BHN013!

Fvneral Fvkk: "Lecherous Liturgies"

Our first release 2017 finally has an official release date. "Lecherous Liturgies", the debut EP by the Epic Doom Metal project FVNERAL FVKK comes out on July 7 2017! You can however pre-order the vinyls already as of today, if you want a chance to perhaps get one of the first 50 limited copies, which include an exclusive patch made from the cloth of genuine priest garbs (only one patch per order, though)!
To place preorders just order as usual from our Webshop. The EPs will be delivered in time for the release date at the latest. 
Fvneral Fvkk: "Lecherous Liturgies"
26 Apr 2017


Time for some exciting release news again:
We′re proud to have signed a deal for another vinyl production by a more than promising newcomer, this time from Hamburg, Germany - whereas "newcomer" might be kind of a stretch, as they sport some veterans from illustrious fraternities such as Fäulnis or Ophis within their ranks.
But we′ll have enough time to waste with background details later, now get ready for some real, epic doom metal and let us introduce to you the loud, the lewd, the lecherous: Fvneral Fvkk!
22 Apr 2017

New Siniestro video

"Vinden som piskar ditt ensamma lik" (Official Video)

Siniestro just released the second official video from their latest album "Revelations in Mayhem". Check it out!
You can still find older videos here under "Siniestro > Media".
5 Jan 2017

Now available: BHN011!

Siniestro: "Revelations in Mayhem"

Siniestro: "Revelations in Mayhem"
The last BHN release of 2016 came out on December 19th and is now available through our Webshop or!
As the first official video from the album, you can check out the opening song Liberato through the roster menu under "Siniestro > Media".
12 Dec 2016

BHN 012 out now!

Animo Aeger: "KotzeAdel"

The first Animo Aeger album on BHN becomes officially available today, either here at our webshop or you can order it through!
A first sample song from the album, called "Prismenknast" was uploaded to our Youtube channel, which you can also access right here through the roster menu under "Animo Aeger > Media".
6 Dec 2016

New release: BHN012!

Animo Aeger: "KotzeAdel"

Release date: 12.12.2016
Animo Aeger: "KotzeAdel"
As teased a few days ago, we′re about to unleash one more release this year, namely an all-new album by ANIMO AEGER, called "KotzeAdel", and well, this is its humble cover!
The official release date for the jewel case CD edition will be next Monday, December 12th 2016, when it′s going to become available on Amazon. Or you can already pre-order it now via our webshop here.
More infos and previews coming up, in the meantime, check our official BHN Facebook page.
2 Dec 2016

Roster News!

Our professional discretion has its limits, so tonight just feels like the right time to officially announce that we′ve once again extended our roster at BHN: pardon the played-out phrase, but we′re actually proud that we recently signed a long-term deal with Animo Aeger!
We won′t bore you with confusing details on a Friday night, if curiosity gets the best of you, just cop a feel at "Bandcamp", where you can stream a bunch of their old stuff, before you′ll be blown away by the amazing first full-length album on BHN, to be released incredibly soon! 
More announcements on Monday, cheers!
10 Aug 2016

New release: BHN010!

Sandy Leather: "Sandy Leather"

Release date: 20.8.2016
More infos about the release are as always available at our official BHN Facebook page.
This time we′ll have an official release party in Berlin too, with the exclusive presentation of a video clip, and of course Sandy Leather′s Witch Rock live!
11 Jul 2016


Siniestro: "Liberato"

Siniestro have completed the production of their new full-length album and already present one track with an accompanying video clip in advance!
You can now check it out in our ′Roster′ menu under "Siniestro -> Media" It′s worth it: Siniestro managed to improve on all their trademarks from "Oppression of the Sunlight" without any compromise. Enjoy!
19 May 2016

Out now: BHN 009

Hermann: "Prinzhorn Kolloquium" - Tape version

The debut album by the Black/Doom band from Berlin now finally available on cassette through BHN Productions.
Double-sided pro-tape in special cardboard slipcase, including booklet and all lyrics printed on woodfree parchment paper. Strictly limited to 121 hand-numbered copies!
14 May 2016

Official new Sunshine & Lollipops merchandise

Sunshine & Lollipops: "Red Logo"

T-shirt with red print on white cotton, limited to 30 pieces!

Sunshine & Lollipops - Buttons

Big 1.5" buttons with safety pin.
14 Apr 2016

Out now: BHN 008

Sunshine & Lollipops: "Empty (Always Look On the Dull Side)" - LP-Version

After the CD version now finally also on vinyl! LP comes with full color cover and colored inner sleeve with all lyrics and different artwork than the CD.
24 Feb 2016

New release: BHN 007!

Sunshine & Lollipops: "Empty (Always Look On the Dull Side)"

Sunshine & Lollipops are finally taking the next step after their debut 7" and the split-CD with WIGRID, with the upcoming release of their first full-length album, titled "Empty (Always Look On the Dull Side)". It contains 8 songs with a total playing time of 42:30min, mixed and mastered by Sebastian Braunreuther. Official release date is Monday, February 29th. Orders starting now!
A first musical taste and any other current infos can most conveniently be obtained by following Sunshine & Lollipops on Facebook or the BHN Facebook page.
30 Nov 2015

Official new Wigrid merchandise:

Wigrid: "Trostdistanz"

T-Shirt with white and grayscale print on black cotton
12 Nov 2015

New underground black metal:

  • Triebtat / Misanthrop: "Schneidetrieb" (CD)
  • Hexenhammer′s Flame: "Ad Fines Nivis Aeternae" (CD)
  • Pestkult: "Soul Collector" (CD)
  • Old Pagan: "Maledictus" (CD)
  • Immorior: "Herbstmär" (CD)
  • Northern Hate: "Hypothermia" (CD)
9 Oct 2015

Lots of new punk rock vinyl:

  • Doom: "Fuck Peaceville" - Doppel-LP
  • Ausbruch: "Harte Zeiten" - LP
  • Ausbruch: "Träume von gestern" - 7" EP
  • Toxoplasma: "Demos 81/82" - LP
  • Fliehende Stürme: "Priesthill" - LP
  • Fliehende Stürme: "Himmel steht still" - LP
7 Sep 2015

Der Feind: "Logo" - T-Shirts

4 Sep 2015

Hermann: "Prinzhorn Kolloquium" - Digipak CD

Debut of the German band with a sick mix of black metal with crust and doom influences: Darkthrone institutionalized with Wolfbrigade and Bethlehem. Feat. members of 100000 Tonnen Kruppstahl and Essenz.
22 Aug 2015

Scherbenschädel: "ISAS" - Tape

Debut of the German band (feat. members of Wigrid): fucked-up Powerviolence/Crust-Grind "against the homeland". 11 songs professional studio recording + complete live gig. For fans of sophisticated noise terror.
Pro-tape, hand-made cover art, limited to 50 copies!
22 Jun 2015

New in stock!

Big black metal delivery from Into Endless Chaos:
  • Antlers: "A Gaze Into The Abyss" - MC
  • Bloody Vengeance: "Destruição Nuclear" - MC
  • Evil Warriors: "Expressions of Endless Dreams" - CD
8 May 2015

New BHN release: Der Feind

Our newest addition to the roster, Der Feind, finally gives us their first release, a 7" EP simply titled "Der Feind", containing 8 Songs of raw Hardcore Punk, produced by Archi Alert. The record can be ordered here right away, shipping starts Monday, May 11 2015!
Or if you can′t even wait that long and you′re close to Berlin, you can already buy the vinyl for the very first time tomorrow, May 9th, at the official release party taking place at K19, Kreutziger Straße. Not only will you get Der Feind himself live, but also their BHN colleagues from Sunshine & Lollipops!
More details about that at our BHN Facebook page and the respective Event.
8 Apr 2015

New in stock!

Grande: "Grande" - Digipak CD
Groovy stoner metal from Stockholm, Sweden
23 Mar 2015

New in stock

  • Einsamtod: "Einsamtod" - Vinyl LP
  • Travelin Jack: "Madness" - 7" Vinyl
  • Horrormance: "Rise of the True Pentagrammophone" - Digipak CD
1 Mar 2015

New vinyl available!

  • Desaster: "Tyrants of the Netherworld" - Vinyl LP
Blue vinyl with gatefold cover including bonus track. Limited to 350 copies!
  • Victims of Classwar / Partiya - Split LP
Blackened Crust from the underground.
12 Jan 2015

New in stock!

Convivial Hermit - Issue #7
Current issue of one of the best english language print magazines focusing on black metal: 136 large format high-gloss pages in professional layout, offering critical interviews, reviews and original, sophisticated articles beyond all scene stereotypes.
20 Dec 2014

New in stock

* Wigrid: "Die Asche eines Lebens" - Vinyl LP:
Limited original first edition, only 4 pieces available!
26 Nov 2014

New in stock

* Der Feind: "DFMC" - Tape:
16 Nov 2014

Siniestro video

Siniestro just shot a first video for the song "Oppression of the Sunlight"! Check it out in their "Media" section...
16 Oct 2014

New in stock

  • Sunshine & Lollipops - T-Shirts and Tank Tops:
  • Satan′s Propaganda: "Rock for Satan" CDs
6 Oct 2014

New items in stock

There′s several new records available in our distribution:
  • What We Feel: "Naschi 14 Slov" (LP)
  • What We Feel: "Together" (LP)
  • What We Feel: "To Continue or Give Up?" (7")
  • Die Halbzeit: "Aus dem Leben der Hirnkranken" (CD)
  • The Inner Abyss: "The Inner Abyss" (CD + Button)
  • The Inner Abyss: "Outer Space" (CD)
  • Thrash ′Em Down: "Demo" (CD + Patch)
31 Aug 2014


This is the first draft in developing the official home of Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions. In short, we′re a recently-found independent record label based in Berlin, Germany, in addition to an affiliated music distro. Our main objective entails focusing not so much on genre limitations, but rather originality, attitude, authenticity, or simply intuitive personal preference - while the emphasis will no doubt stay on loud and obnoxious underground music, where we′re not shying away from extremes either!
Here you′ll soon find information about the different bands on our roster, all official BHN releases, as well as an assortment of unrelated recordings in our distribution which we, of course, heartily recommend. There will also be a webshop where you′ll be able to purchase all the aforementioned music, plus related band merchandise items such as t-shirts, patches, buttons etc. Unfortunately, until we′ll have a proper online billing solution in place, orders can only be processed through our contact form against prepayment using Paypal or via direct bank transfer.
Please understand these pages are still largely under construction at this point, so apologies in advance if you′re running into some technical issues or can′t locate certain content from time to time. We′re doing our damndest to present a somewhat complete and functional website as soon as possible. Updates will be shared right here as they emerge.
For the time being, you can as well refer to our official Facebook account and check for news there.
All of our releases are also available on, shipping anywhere within the EU!