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14 May 2019

Lado Sachwadze: "0,33/Heroin"

OUT NOW - BHN Books 007

Surrealists rejoice! Our newest publication, the literary debut of Lado Sachwadze is finally available. Check out more info here
10 Feb 2019

Coming soon at BHN

Lado Sachwadze: "0.33/Heroin"

There′s a new debutante at BHN Books, whose first collection of poetry is almost ready for print!
More info in his author′s profile
13 Dec 2018

Didier Hinz: "Marokko - Auf Reisen durch das Land meiner Jugend"

New travel edition: BHN TRAVEL

A little late, after we tainted our greedy presses with cartoon ink for the first time, but finally here′s also our first publication of "travel literature"! Although the term doesn′t quite hit the mark, since this enormous doorstopper doesn′t only cover the entire country with comprehensive travel routes and reports alongside extensive photo material, but also offers authentic personal experiences with the colonial regime in political, cultural and historic essays on the subject.
All that on 284 full-color pages in large format, hardcover in sewn binding with a fancy page marker ribbon.
More under Publications.
15 Nov 2018

Angelo Donnermann: "Scheitern in voller Rüstung"

OUT NOW - BHN Books 006

We′re finally releasing our first volume of cartoons! Learn more about the author here
26 Aug 2018

"Das (sog.) Böse - eine Anthologie"


BHN authors FatimaDjamila and Gaston Latz both contributed to a newly released anthology based on the theme of "Evil", with a short story and a political essay, respectively. Order it at our shop here
1 Nov 2017

"Black Birds Reign in the Sky"

Reading with FatimaDjamila in Berlin

FatimaDjamila will release her first edition of poetry on 11/29/2017 through BHN Books. On this happy occasion we would like to invite you to join us at the "LeseGlück" book store LeseGlück in Berlin-Kreuzberg where we′ll offer a one-time special program!
Further information also at the offical Facebook event
2 Oct 2017

"BHN-Bühne" in Berlin

Reading with Clint Lukas, Gaston Latz, Jonas Samson

Clint Lukas, Jonas Samson, Gaston Latz - the (self-proclaimed) literary elite of Berlin is having a ball at the Cosmic Kasper, THE place to be underneath the "Haus am See" on Rosenthaler Platz. FOr good measure they will also present the first issue of the hands down most interesting literary magazine of our capital, the "Bleeding Heart Nihilist". 
More information also under the official Facebook event.
29 May 2017

Out now: "The Bleeding Heart Nihilist - Issue #01"

Finally our next house publication (BHN Books 003) is ready and released today!
We′re launching a new format, which we′ve had in mind for quite some time, namely an independent, bilingual literary magazine that features a revolving cast of free authors with texts of all sorts of various genres. Here′s a quick preview in the form of the cover of the first issue of the Bleeding Heart Nihilist, with contributions by Clint Lukas, Gaston Latz, Benjamin Hiller and Karl Cointreaux.
More details under "publications"!
2 Nov 2016

Karl Cointreaux: "Gutting the Siren, Disbudding the Unicorn"

Now available in our shop!
Poetry, English language, 136 pages, cardboard softcover. More details under "publications"!
11 Oct 2016

New in stock! Art prints by Fatima Djamila

Available as screenprints or high quality wood prints. Details in the shop.
5 Jul 2016

BHN Books introduces Fatima Djamila

Please welcome a new artist in our midst: Fatima Djamila!
"Multifaceted and multifaced, this Berlin-based, Brandenburg-native honorary Swede roams the vastness of life as a graduate-for-leisure archaeologist savoring music and nature. Whatever she encounters on her existential raids may be turned into word or line and find its way onto paper. Her drawings and paintings, poems and short stories circle human existence with all its pleasures and sufferings, its here and now, its past, and sometimes even its hazy future."
More info about Fatima under "Association".
27 Jan 2016

New in stock: Travel photography by Didier Hinz

Large format coffee table books, hardcover, in full color. Partially with historical/political commentary and travel anecdotes in German language, incl. GPS coordinates and practical travel tips.
12 Nov 2015

Das Homestory Magazin

23 Mar 2015

"Mythos Ficken" tour booking

We′re currently working on bookings for a little tour of readings of "Mythos Ficken". If you′re interested in a performance by Gaston Latz in your town, please get in touch and we′ll see what we can arrange!
First dates will be announced here as soon as possible!
25 Nov 2014

Mythos Ficken

The first official BHN Books publication is about to be launched! The German language collection of poetry "Mythos Ficken" from author Gaston Latz will be released on December 1st 2014.
Pre-orders start now! All orders with incoming payment this week will be shipped in time for the release date.
16 Nov 2014


This is the new official website of BHN Books, an independent publishing house for underground literature. At the moment, we′re preparing for the first publication by poet Gaston Latz, scheduled for December 1st.